Rajasthani furniture handcrafted by gifted artists, exemplifies the rich cultural heritage of the state. The dry climate of Rajasthan is ideal for wood crafting, but blending the traditional wood designs in contemporary wooden furniture is an art, and that can only be done by the trained professionals from Rajasthan. These designs represent the ideals of cutting excess, practicality and an absence of decoration. In different part of Rajasthan we can see carved wooden furniture having different styles and designs. Exquisite motif and design works on wooden furniture are eye-catching.

Wood is the predominant material that goes into making Rajasthani furniture. Jaipur specially makes furniture out of mango wood, acacia wood, shisham wood etc. Furniture-making is pursued passionately in Barmer where Rohida wood is quite famous. The rich carvings on the wooden articles, tables and cots are sure to impress you. Furniture made of Shisham wood with iron inlays is quite popular.

Rajasthani marble furniture is a sign of unparalleled elegance and class.

Paintings afforded by the Rajasthani furniture are examples of rich craftsmanship, these paintings are versatile having very distinct styles of their own. The color scheme is particularly traditional, bringing the impact of rich cultural heritage to the fore. The antique charm of the state is best manifested in the craftsmanship of the artisans from Jodhpur. Furniture from Kishangarh has paintings which are heavily inspired by the Mughal artwork.

Wooden furniture and carving

They are particularly popular owing to the rich and ethnic look rendered by them. This furniture, characterized by traditional floral designs and latticework. These designed intricately by Rajasthani have found a niche among homes, hotels, restaurants and resorts across the entire country. Experienced craftsmen who have imbibed wood crafting knowledge from generations and utilize their innovative ideas to present the best wood-crafted furniture for festive season. They can craft beautiful wooden finished products from raw and untreated wood to design new furniture, and they can customize your living room with some innovative ideas.

Bone Inlay Furniture

The intricate craft of creating bone inlay furniture is a timeless tradition handed down between generations in the Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaipur regions of Rajasthan. The state of Rajasthan in India is famous for Bone Inlay furniture, which is made using an intricate process that requires immense skill and practice. Bone inlay refers to an ancient decorative technique that involves embedding delicate, hand-carved pieces of bone into the surface of an object. Bone inlay furniture is designed to bring a spectacular aesthetic edge to your home from handcrafted stunning side tables to picture frames. It is a precise and detailed decorative technique, which comprises of inserted bone pieces and makes it an exclusive range of bone furniture. Furniture etched by incredible craftsmen of Rajasthan that exquisitely sculpt fragments of Camel Bone into magnificent diversified patterns such as Floral, Chevron, Fish scale, Geometrical, Zebra line and much more. Once dried, the finished product is sanded and buffed with purpose-built tools to create a smooth, statement finish. Animals are not harmed in order to make bone inlay furniture.

Wooden Craft

Wooden Craft notable places are Shekhawati and Bikaner for traditional woodwork, Jodhpur and Kishangarh for painted wooden furniture, Shekhawati, Bikaner and Ramgarh for delicately carved wooden doors, Barmer for woodcarvings such as images of gods and goddesses, elephants, parrots, human and animal figures.

Furniture with Painting

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