Rajasthan is famous for its jewellery industry. The hands of jewellery designers are truly blessed by Goddess Sarasvati. This jewellery is famous since the time of Maharaja. Rajasthani jewelry is a combination of ongoing trend with authentic traditional designs. The design which no women can deny to wear and flaunt. The traditional pieces of jewellery in Rajasthan are strictly followed according to status of the person, adorning the woman`s complete figure from head to to

Leather Ware

Leather work in Rajasthan is interestingly a family effort. While the men do the tanning, cutting and stitching, the women do the embroidery and omamentation Designs include squin-work and tassels, brass studs or machine-stitched motifs depending on the region in which the leather article is produced.

Fabrics of Rajasthan

The textiles of Rajasthan represent a mixture of vibrant colors & royal ancestry. As the fabrics in this state are woven with intricate delicacy & extreme attention to detail, it is highly recommended across the world to buy these textiles from the locals of Rajasthan and not from any urban markets.

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