Leather work in Rajasthan is interestingly a family effort. While the men do the tanning, cutting and stitching, the women do the embroidery and omamentation Designs include squin-work and tassels, brass studs or machine-stitched motifs depending on the region in which the leather article is produced.

One can choose from a range of leatherwear like leather shoes, Diaries, sandals, water bags, Journals, fans pouches, and addles, stools and even musical instruments.


The Rajasthani jooties or shoes are world famous, and now an inseparable part of fashion world. Here, cobblers have used leather to make mojaries (soft shoes) with floral patterns which is Known for their delicacy and beauty with durability and comfort. These are generally made of sheep, camel or goat leather and the designs are created on the velvet casing attached to the leather. These are soft and extremely comfortable to use. These mojaris are known for beauty and design, camel-leather jooties and shoes are the softest and most comfortable. Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Barmer, Bikaner, Pali and Jalore are world famous for their intricately and finely designed Jutis/Mojaries.
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