The main themes around which Rajasthani Paintings of India revolved include the Great epics of Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the life of Lord Krishna, landscapes and humans. Rajasthani paintings are characterized by bold lines, fine detailing, use of fine brush strokes, and use of bright colours which attracts the attention of every on looker successfully look these up. There are numerous school Mewar, Marwar, Hadoti, Dhundar, Pahari. Its main centers are Mewar, Marwar, Kishangarh, Bundi, and Jaipur.

Miniature Paintings

The most significant form of Rajasthani paintings are miniature paintings which were done on silk, paper, wood and sometimes on marble and ivory. Miniature paintings are colorful handmade paintings very small in size. One of the outstanding features of these paintings is the intricate brushwork which contributes to their unique identity. Rajasthani miniature paintings often portrayed the legacy of present and past rulers. They also portrayed social values and the changes introduced by kings for the betterment of society. Colors used were often bold and contrasting in nature. Natural colors, extracted from plants, minerals, shells, gold, silver and precious stones, were used.

Gemstone Paintings

The brighter colors are added to various rajasthani paintings by the use of gemstone grinded finely. The specialty of this decorative painting style is that the shades of color are provided by the semi-precious stones instead of artificial or vegetable colors which give the compositions richness and luster. Precious and Semi-Precious stones such as Agate, Amethyst Emerald, Garnet, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Sapphires, Peridot, Malachite etc found in abundance in Rajasthan are finely powdered and used to bring out various color tones and shades.

Phad Paintings

The term ‘Phad’ means a long scroll or canvas. Hence, Phad paintings used long scrolls and canvases. Phad paintings (Mewar Style of painting) is the most ancient rajasthani art form. Phad paintings, essentially a scroll painting done on cloth, are beautiful specimen of the Rajasthani cloth paintings. It is a style religious scroll painting and folk painting

Kajali Paintings

The collection of special art of Rajasthan, which is done by very few people in certain parts of Rajasthan. Every painting, made from black Kajal and stone colors, require extensive hard work and expert hands. No brushes are used in Kajali painting. The only tools used are hand and cloth. Carbon black obtained from burning oil lamps is spread on a paper or cloth using a piece of paper.

Kishangarh & Bani Thani Paintings

The Kishangarh artists under the patronage of their rulers Raja Mansingh and Sawant Singh in 17th Century painted the romantic miniatures based on the stories of Radial and Krishna. The Kishangarh School excels in its Bani Thani paintings. The portrayal of Radha, with the covering lotus-petal eyes, wearing a sublime look, long pointed nose, thin lips and pointed chin, wearing an Odhni on a very high orange Choti rank amongst the finest achievements of Rajasthani painting.
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