The geologically old land of Rajasthan, rich in different kinds of hard rocks like granites, marbles, quartzite, slates, and other metamorphic rocks, has been a stone-carver's paradise. Special stones found here are sand stone, yellow lime stone, colored and white marble.

The process of stone carving is pretty laborious and exhausting and requires a lot of patience and accuracy. Different tools are needed to carve different types of stones. Some of the common tools used for stone carving include toothed hammers, chisels, axes, mallets, etc. The process starts by cutting the stone to the required size. After that, the desired design is drawn on the stone. Next, with the help of different tools, the desired design is carved on the stone. It is a lengthy process where small pieces of stone can be carved in days while bigger pieces can take up to weeks or month.

Rajasthan continues to be one of major centers of stone carving in the country. The capital city Jaipur is the center of marble carving in Rajasthan. Here one can see artisans creating marble images of the deities as well as domestic utensils such as bowls for grinding spices and kneading dough. In east Rajasthan, Kota produces gray stone for floor making, Barmer produces yellow marble for delicate carvings, and Ajmer produces granites. Dungarpur has a soft shaded stone which turns black when oiled and is used for icon-making.

Stone Carving & Sculpture

There is a plenty of marble and sandstone available in Rajasthan which had helped the stone art and craving is one of the leading works of art in Rajasthan. The best feature of the stone art and carving is the jaali work. Beside this, statues and idols are also carved using stones. Domestic wares in stone is beautifully designed with lot of attention to the art and its elegancy.
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