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Product Sourcing

  • We source best quality traditional products in outside world with the help of our experts who has wide experience to export the goods. 
  • If you don’t know how to find suppliers in Rajasthan, or failed to find the right manufacturer. Our sourcing team will help you find the best matched supplier.
  • If you already had product suppliers from Rajasthan, our team will help you find other manufacturers who offer even better price or quality.
  • Our team will also help you to identify product source suppliers in Rajasthan and get the best price quotation from legitimate suppliers in less than 5 working days.
  • You don’t need to pay anything for product sourcing. When you are satisfied with product quotation and sample quality, then you can consider to hire us to help you follow-up production and use our other valuable services.
  • We also provide free consulting for any knowledge related to import, export, compliances & certifications etc.
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Sample Confirmation

  • After quotation, Our team helps to collect samples from suppliers onbehalf of client to get confirmation, check quality of product and approval from client before production.
  • After receiving our quotation, if you are satisfied with it, then the next thing is to get sample from us to check quality.
  • If you source suppliers from portals then need to contact the suppliers one by one and collect their samples. Let’s say you have 5 potential suppliers, It will be costly to get all samples from them. If none of these samples are good quality, you waste all money.
  • Our team will help you collect all supplier's samples in our company, and ship to you in one box. You just need to pay sample fee and the shipping fee of one box. If our team found the sample with bad quality, they will let you know and remove it, instead of wasting your shipping cost.
  • If you want to develop a brand new product, make own design packaging, customize sample with your logo or make adjustment on products, our team will assist you to customize samples. Thus you can figure out how the final product will come out from the massive production. 
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Production Follow-up

  • Our operation team do regular follow up & visit at manufacturer site for on-time production & delivery as per client requirement.
  • Once you confirmed the sample and ready to place order, the next step is Production Follow-up.
  • Generally, production follow-up can be more time consuming than looking for a supplier, usually taking weeks or months. You definitely don’t want to waste weeks or months in both time and energy to keep eyes on your production.
  • Our Production follow-up service will help you to save huge time so you can put all your effort to grow your business. Our team will help you coordinate with manufacturers, to make sure everything is produced as per your requirement. 

  •        If you use our Production Follow-up service then following services are including in it:-
    • Quality Inspection: We help you check the quality of the goods in our warehouse or supplier site and ensure that all quality problems are resolved before leave Rajasthan. We open 20-30% numbers of cartons and randomly inspect numbers in each carton. If we found any defect then our team will help to negotiate suppliers to fix the problem on your behalf.
    • Cargo Shipping: Our team help you arrange freight forwarder from Rajasthan all the way to your address, and handle all import process. You will always get low shipping cost whether it’s sent by express, sea freight or air freight.
    • Warehouse Storage: You can use our warehouse in Rajasthan 2 months for free. Thus you will have enough time to consolidate more products to ship together for saving shipping cost.
    • Product Photography: As per your requirement, we will also get some white background product photos for free. Thus you don’t need to find any photographers, paying for sample shipping and their service.
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Quality Inspection

  • Our expert team also do product quality inspection on behalf of client. It includes sample or one by one inspection as per client requirement.
  • Once the production is finished, the most important thing to do is quality inspection.
  • If you already had product suppliers from Rajasthan, our team will help you find other manufacturers who offer even better price or quality.
  • We will also help you to collect all your products in our warehouse first, and check the quality. If there’s any quality issue, we will not only let you know, but also help you negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf.
  • If you have own product suppliers but need someone in Rajasthan to help you inspect quality and arrange shipping to your country. Generally, people hire 3rd party inspection company to do inspection. If the quality problem is found, you need to negotiate with manufacturers all by yourself then you still need to pay for the 2nd or 3rd inspection, until no more quality issues

  • We can also do unlimited times of inspection, until the defect issue is solved. If you hire 3rd party inspection companies by yourself, they usually charge person/day, and they can only report problems without helping you fix them. They usually inspect very little numbers of products of each batch.
  • If you still concern about quality, we have another “Inspect 1 by 1” service. Our workers will check every single product, to reduce the defect rate to 0. That means you won’t receive any bad reviews from customers. What you need to pay is very low labor cost.
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Shipping Services

  • After manufacturing, Our team help to do necessary documentation and ship product to consignee on preferred location. 
  • If you import form Rajasthan by yourself, you need to find a professional freight forwarder. And you will be involved in various documentations, calculating shipping costs, choosing shipping methods. It is really a big headache.
  • Our team will help you to calculate all cost for sending products to your address. They will help you to know the cost and delivery time for different shipping methods like express, sea fright and air freight. We can help to ship your products all the way to your address or 3rd party fulfillment centers, and handle importing and custom process.
  • Our team will also help to prepare all documents for import & export, let you know what compliance certification you will need for custom clearance. You don’t need to know anything about shipping or import.
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Drop shipping Services

A drop-shipping agent is an alternative to a drop-shipping supplier. It’s a person that will source, store, pack, and ship products for your drop-shipping store. Our team assist as below:- 

  • Buyer contacts with us for a product that they are looking for.

  • Then, our team will search for suppliers for that product and negotiates the best prices.

  • After that, our team proceeds to sell those products back to buyer and ships them to their customers. 
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