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Are you struggling to find the right product suppliers or manufacturers for your business? Look no further than our expert product sourcing services. Our experienced team can help you locate the best quality products at the most competitive prices, whether you're looking for traditional goods or innovative new items. We'll handle all the legwork for you, collecting samples, checking product quality, and providing you with the best price quotations from legitimate suppliers. Plus, our team can assist you in customizing product samples and following up on production, ensuring a seamless sourcing experience. Let us help you streamline your product sourcing process so you can focus on growing your business. Contact us today to explore our product sourcing services.

Product Sourcing

Discover the best quality products at competitive prices with our comprehensive product sourcing services.

Production Follow-up

Stay on top of your production process with our expert production follow-up services

Shipping Services

Streamline your shipping process and ensure timely delivery with our reliable shipping services.

Sample Confirmation

Ensure product quality and avoid costly mistakes with our hassle-free sample confirmation services.

Quality Inspection

Ensure product quality and compliance with our comprehensive quality inspection services.

Drop-Shipping Services

Expand your business reach and simplify order fulfillment with our hassle-free drop-shipping services.

​Product Sourcing

  • Our team of experts sources high-quality traditional products from around the world.
  • If you need help finding suppliers in Rajasthan, we can locate the perfect manufacturer for you.
  • Even if you already have product suppliers from Rajasthan, we can help you find other manufacturers who offer better prices or higher quality products.
  • Our team can identify product source suppliers in Rajasthan and provide you with the best price quotation from legitimate suppliers in just five working days.
  • We offer free product sourcing services.
  • Once you are satisfied with the quotation and sample quality, you can consider hiring us for follow-up production and other valuable services.
  • We provide free consulting services on import and export regulations, compliances, certifications, and more.

​​Sample Confirmation

  • Our team collects samples from suppliers on behalf of the client for confirmation, quality check, and approval before production.
  • Clients can get a sample from us to check the quality if they are satisfied with our quotation.
  • If sourcing suppliers from portals, it can be costly to collect samples from all potential suppliers, and bad quality samples can result in wasted money.
  • Our team collects all supplier samples and ships them to the client in one box for a sample fee and one-time shipping fee, removing bad quality samples to avoid wasting the client's shipping cost.
  • Our team can also assist in customizing samples for new products, including design packaging, logo customization, and product adjustments, allowing clients to see the final product before mass production.

Production Follow-up

  • Our team provides Production Follow-up service to ensure on-time production and delivery as per client requirement.
  • This service includes Quality Inspection where we check the quality of the goods in our warehouse or supplier site, and ensure all quality problems are resolved before leaving Rajasthan.
  • We also offer Cargo Shipping service to arrange freight forwarder from Rajasthan to the client's address, and handle all import processes.
  • Our Warehouse Storage service provides 2 months of free storage in our warehouse in Rajasthan to consolidate more products and save on shipping costs.
  • Product Photography service is also available to provide white background product photos for free as per the client's requirement.

Quality Inspection

  • Our expert team performs product quality inspection, including sample or one-by-one inspection as per client requirements.
  • We help find better price or quality suppliers in Rajasthan, even if you already have product suppliers.
  • We collect all your products in our warehouse and conduct quality checks. If any quality issue is found, we will negotiate with manufacturers on your behalf.
  • We offer unlimited times of inspection until the defect issue is solved, unlike third-party inspection companies who charge per day and only report problems without fixing them.
  • We also offer an "Inspect 1 by 1" service where our workers check every single product to reduce the defect rate to 0 at a low labor cost.

Shipping Services

  • Our team will handle the necessary documentation and shipping of your products to your preferred location after manufacturing.
  • If you import products from Rajasthan on your own, you will need to find a professional freight forwarder and be involved in various documentations, calculating shipping costs, and choosing shipping methods.
  • Our team will calculate the costs and delivery time for different shipping methods, such as express, sea freight, and air freight, and can ship your products all the way to your address or 3rd party fulfillment centers while handling the importing and custom process.
  • We will help you prepare all necessary import and export documents and advise you on compliance certification needed for customs clearance, so you don't need to know anything about shipping or import.

Dropshipping Services

  • Our team offers drop-shipping agent services to assist your drop-shipping store.
  • When a buyer contacts us for a product, we search for suppliers and negotiate the best prices.
  • Our team sells the products back to the buyer and handles the storage, packing, and shipping to their customers.
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